Application: Voice Services for an all-IP Tactical Network

Military organizations need voice services covering specific needs such as secure communications, resilience, immediate availability means they differ from standard Civil Networks in their specific need for mobility, flexibility, and security. Additionally it is required to connect with other partners respectively networks using standard interfaces and protocols (e.g. SIP or H.323 technology).

Today‘s Challenges

  • Existing IP PBX solutions are heavy in configuration and designed for enterprise networks and not suited for tactical networks where mobility of users, support of heterogeneous network, and Zero-configuration are key requirements
  • CNR radio is a closed “user group” and cannot be accessed from externally


Tactical openAccess Node features TTEL (tactical telephony services) supporting:

  • Peer-to-peer telephony battlefield user directory, no central servers required – enabling dynamical networks, user & service mobility, reduced configuration and flexible number translations
  • Seamless integration of voice radios, including push to talk and voice activity detection • Voice gateway for legacy and VoIP networks: Analog, ISDN, Eurocom, SIP, H.323
  • Prioritization based on MLPP service