MASTTAC - Technical and Tactical Know-How Acquisition Module

Detection - Target Appears - Target Reacts

MASTTAC (French acronym for Module d'Acquisition des Savoir-faire Techniques et TACtiques - Technical and Tactical Know-How Acquisition Module) is a reactive target system to aid proficiency training and exercises in dismounted urban combat. The MASTTAC can be used for realistic training on all the weapons systems (FAMAS, FAMAS INF, FR 12.7, FRF2, MINIMI and AANF1 7.62 machine guns) used by the infantry and other units.
Interoperable with the STC AL light weapons combat firing simulator, MASTTAC can be used equally effectively to train individual combatants and small dismounted units. 

The target and its holder are equipped with:

  • LCD display for configuring the target holder, 
  • Detection system for triggering target appearance (proximity sensor...), 
  • Sound and flash generator for simulating a response to detected proximity, 
  • Motor for flipping a 5 kg target in less than 1.5 seconds, 
  • Radio communications system with a range of 1,500 m in an urban area, paired with a radio control, 
  • Power system that is stand-alone (battery operated), operates on the mains or a generator, depending on the site, 
  • System for mounting the target holder on the ground or to the wall. 

Swinging, Pivoting and Scissor movements

Target holder mechanism:

  • With a swinging, pivoting or scissor movement, the target holder displays an equipped target (type SC1, SC2, SC3 or SC4) to the shooters. 
  • It can be easily handled and moved by 1 or 2 people, as its frame (24 kg) is quick and easy to grip. 
  • It can be quickly mounted to the wall or on the floor with a mounting assembly separate from the target holder; this mounting assembly is permanently installed by the operators and has an anti-theft device. 

Features of the equipped target:

  • A silhouette representing a soldier or civilian (an aggressive or non-aggressive character), 
  • 30 to 40 laser sensors, depending on the type of target, spread out over the entire surface, 
  • 3 to 4 thermal units that can be detected by infrared goggles. 

Each military target is also equipped with:

  • A Class 1 laser with a maximum range of 1,000 m,
  • A high-power LED emitting light flashes that simulate blasts,
  • The target silhouette is large enough to be struck by low-angle, plunging, and lateral laser fire.


Radio control and monitoring system

  • Manages all of the site equipment (MASTTAC or mock village), 
  • Executes the various function controls for both setting up and operating the equipment, 
  • Launches the various commands and monitors their execution, 
  • Programs the reactions of the target holders and the equipped targets, 
  • The micro-computer allows results to be stored, presented and printed.