Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System

RUAG Ammotec actively practices a Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System that governs all the company's processes. Compliance with legal provisions is, of course, an absolute necessity for protecting the environment and ensuring safety. Furthermore, we also take appropriate measures proactively.

We constantly strive to improve the reliability, safety and environmental compatibility of our products and services, as well as keeping our customers well informed. We reliably implement customer requirements that are financially feasible.

We develop environmentally friendly technologies for new production processes, with the aim of preserving resources as far as possible.

All business processes along the added value chain, all governing management processes and also support processes are aligned with the targets of the owner, the market setting, the customer and the environment.

Our system meets the requirements of international standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001, as well as NATO requirements AQAP 2110. Our company is assessed by accredited auditors in line with these standards.