Good products are based on tradition - a milestone of modern munitions story



2009 Founding of RUAG Ammotec, Tampa, USA. From now on RUAG Ammotec manufactures in five countries.
2008 RUAG takes over the MFS 2000 in Syrok, Hungary.
2003 RUAG Ammotec takes over the sales- and trademark rights of the Hirtenberger AG, Austria.
2002 The Swiss RUAG absorbs the sector of small arms ammunition of the Dynamit Nobel, Germany. The new group functions under the name of RUAG Ammotec.
1999 Foundation of RUAG Holding, incorporation of SM, name change to RUAG Munition in 2001.
1995 Both Swiss ammunition factories in Altdorf and Thun merge into the Schweizerische Munitionsfabrik (SM).
1990 Dynamit Nobel purchases Norma which has manufactured ammunition in Åmotfors, Sweden since 1902.
1980 SINTOX®, the first environment-friendly priming composition is launched on the market.
1963 Dynamit Nobel AG takes over the Gustav Genschow & Co. AG (Geco), which was founded in 1912 in Karlsruhe.
1931 Fusion of the RWS with the Dynamit Nobel AG.
1926 RWS patents the corrosion- and erosion-free priming compositions SINOXID. The DAG merges with the Vereinigte Köln-Rottweil AG.
1907 The first Waidmannsheil shotshell cartridge is manufactured by the Vereinigte Köln-Rottweil AG in Rottweil am Neckar.
1896 The Swiss federal development workshop in Altdorf is started, in 1902 reformed to the Munitionsfabrik Altdorf (MFA). 
1895 The Enger brothers start the Norma Projektilfabrik A/S in Oslo, Norway. Later it moves to Sweden.
1893 RWS establishes an ammunition factory in Stadeln, Fürth, Germany.
1889 RWS takes over the ammunition factory of Mr H. Utendoerffer in Nuremberg.
1887 Introduction of the smokeless gun powder PC88 in Thun.
1886 Foundation of the Rheinisch-Westfälischer Sprengstoff AG (RWS).
1876 The Alfred Nobel & Co is reformed to the Dynamit AG, former Alfred Nobel & Co (also abbreviated like DAG) and begins ammunition manufacturing.
1865 Alfred Nobel launches the explosives company Alfred Nobel & Co in Hamburg.
1863 The Swiss Confederation starts the Eidgenossische Munitionsfabrik Thun in the Bernese Oberland.