9x19 Pistol and Submachine Gun Ammunition

9x19, 9mm Luger or 9mm Parabellum is the most widely used pistol calibre in Europe. The RUAG Ammotec cartridges are used all over the world and perfectly proven by police and armed forces. 

The ammunition can be easily used in various types of weapons. Thanks to the SINTOX®-Technology, shooters and shooting range personnel are practically not exposed to the harmful effect of heavy metals. The majority of products are lead-free and thus environment-friendly.

Several cartridges with a full metal jacket are available. Among them are various deformation projectiles as well as special-purpose cartridges.

A separate line of SINTOX®-FORENSIS primers is available to meet the forensic and investigatory requirements set by public authorities. These products feature a special marking substance for forensic concerns.