Key Events


Technical upgrades for transport helicopters

The Swiss Armed Forces’ Cougar (TH98) transport helicopters are in the middle of their service life cycle. To ensure that they can continue to meet technical and operational requirements – especially in terms of navigation and communications – the cockpit and other systems need upgrading to the latest technological standards. At its Emmen site, RUAG Aviation has been working on a prototype for the Cougar value preservation programme since January 2015.


Expansion of European Hunting & Sports business

With the acquisition of Glaser Handels AG, the leading Swiss wholesaler for hunting and sporting arms, ammunition and equipment, RUAG Ammotec further expanded its wholesaling activities in the Hunting&Sports segment. The employees from Glaser are reinforcing the existing global network of proprietary sales companies and associates in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Brazil and the USA.


Accurate and efficient

The 120mm RUAG COBRA mortar system was successfully rolled out. The system combines state-of-the-art technologies with simple handling. An electric drive allows for exceptionally rapid barrel alignment. Incorporation of the latest positioning and ballistics technologies guarantee maximum precision. The DDPS has ordered an initial prototype.


Protection for Austrian and Belgian armoured vehicles

The contract to upgrade the Austrian and Belgian Pandur wheeled armoured vehicle fleets confirms the leading position of RUAG Defence in the field of protection systems for armoured vehicles. Under the contract, by 2020 all five variants of the Pandur will be equipped with modular and fully integratable mine, IED and ballistic protection systems from RUAG.


Top address for future engineers

RUAG is one of the top seven most popular employers for future engineers in Switzerland. This was shown by consulting firm Universum’s annual survey of a total of 12,000 students from all disciplines. Having been in the top ten for the last four years, RUAG is thus now considered an even more attractive employer.


Electronics boost from Finland

With the acquisition of Finnish company Patria Space, RUAG Space strengthened its operations in the field of digital electronics for satellites and launch vehicles with additional skills and first-rate know-how.


French Navy trains with GAVAP

In association with shipbuilder DCNS, French RUAG subsidiary GAVAP was awarded the contract for further development of the French Navy’s Warship Onsight Defence Simulator. Ships’ crews use this simulator to run defence readiness exercises for all air and surface threats. The training scenarios range from handling of personal weapons to the efficiency of the entire chain of command.

May and August

Special effort to cushion impact of Swiss franc appreciation

Together with the employee representatives, RUAG has instituted special measures to help cushion the impact of the scrapping of the minimum euro exchange rate. In addition to process optimization measures, renegotiations with suppliers and numerous individual cost-saving measures, weekly working time has been increased from 40 to 43 hours in export-oriented areas in particular. With this special effort, the RUAG workforce has been instrumental in helping the Group absorb the currency shock relatively unscathed.


Speed and flexibility in regional air traffic

At the Paris Air Show, the versatility of the Dornier 228 won over yet another regional airline. With the most up-to-date high-wing aircraft of its class, Aurigny Air Services from the British Channel Island of Guernsey, can operate more flights per day, increase passenger comfort and at the same time transport larger volumes of freight. All this plus the option to use the aircraft for medical services as well.


Expansion in US market

Through a strategic partnership with launch vehicle manufacturer United Launch Alliance (ULA), RUAG Space is further expanding its position in the vital US market. An integral part of the arrangement is the establishment of a production base for carbon fibre structures at ULA’s premises in the US state of Alabama. From 2017 onwards, this facility will be used to manufacture the payload fairings for the Atlas launchers. What’s more, RUAG will also be using the new site to manufacture carbon fibre structures for ULA’s new Vulcan launcher.


Partnership with Federal Council for vocational training

With its third annual vocational training conference for political and business decision-makers in 2015, RUAG championed the dual education system and thus Switzerland as a location for business. In his opening address, Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann focused on the practical applicability of Swiss vocational training. This is pivotal to maintaining the country’s low level of youth unemployment. But this practical focus also brings direct competitive advantages to businesses, as Chairman of the RUAG Board of Directors Hans-Peter Schwald emphasized.


Major contract for Gripen E/F fighter aircraft

The contract for the series production of payload mountings for the Gripen E/F fighter aircraft is worth more than CHF 80 million in total. RUAG had already been awarded the contract for developing the system by Swedish defence and security company Saab in 2014. By 2026, RUAG will have manufactured a total of 33 prototypes and 546 series parts at its Emmen site. This order will also benefit suppliers from other regions of Switzerland.


Modern flight visualization system for the PC-7 simulator

20 years ago, RUAG joined with other companies to build the first flight simulator for instrument flight training on Swiss Air Force PC-7 trainer aircraft. At the end of 2013, RUAG Aviation was commissioned by armasuisse to replace the simulator’s flight visualization system, which had by now become obsolescent. Using state-of-the-art gaming and simulation technology, a visualization system was developed that meets the more discerning requirements of presentday users. Engineers from RUAG Defence and RUAG Aviation succeeded in getting the modernized PC-7 simulator “airborne” within one and a half years.


Realistic firing simulation for the assault rifle 90

RUAG Defence has come out on top in an international tender exercise for the new “assault rifle 90 new technology shooting simulator” (SSim Stgw 90 NT). This new Swiss Armed Forces procurement comprises 500 sets of 10 SSim Stgw 90 NT, including accessories and logistics. The system facilitates firing simulation that conveys a realistic impression of combat situations without the need to use live ammunition. The SSim Stgm 90 NT is one of the most advanced live simulators on the market.


Hardware and software upgrade for the F/A-18

As part of the Upgrade 25 service life extension programme, the systems of the Swiss Air Force’s F/A-18s were brought up to the latest technical standards. The programme, which was completed on time at the end of 2015, comprised hardware and software adjustments that equipped the F/A-18s for their future air policing and air defence roles. In addition to the aircraft software, the Swiss Mission Data System (SMDS) was also expanded. Mission planning, maintenance data processing and debriefing software underwent further development by RUAG Aviation and were thus brought into line with current requirements. The Digital Video Debriefing System (DVDS) was newly developed by RUAG. This records audio and video data during the flight, thus facilitating effective, precise and cost-effective debriefing afterwards.