Success Stories

PODRIX – Precise Orbit Determination Receiver

Satellite navigation – down to the last centimetre

The more accurately the position of a satellite can be determined, the more accurate the data it can deliver. With PODRIX, the Precise Orbit Determination Receiver, RUAG Space is developing the latest generation of space navigation devices. In combination with subsequent calculations, these devices can pinpoint satellite positions to the nearest centimetre and are thus making it possible for us to observe our planet in even more exact detail. This accuracy is all the more astonishing given that satellites circle the earth at a height of many hundred kilometres and a speed of up to 25,000 km/hour. Among other things, PODRIX combines position data from American GPS satellites with data from the European Galileo system for its exact real-time navigation.

Pylons for SAAB Gripen E/F

Sophisticated fighter aircraft components in large volumes

Swedish defence and security company Saab has awarded the contract for series production of all payload mountings for the Gripen E/F fighter aircraft to RUAG Aerostructures. Saab had already given RUAG the responsibility for developing and producing the prototypes for these so-called pylons in 2014. The extra tanks, reconnaissance systems and guided weapons for the jet will be mounted on the pylons. The particular challenge here is to integrate the numerous electronic and mechanical components in a way that is both highly aerodynamic and of high strength. The newly awarded series order has a total volume of CHF 80 million and is an impressive demonstration of the Emmen site’s increased competitive strength in the international arena.

Broad portfolio of services for business jets

Everything from a single source, thanks to one-stop-shop solution

RUAG Aviation in Oberpfaffenhofen successfully completed one of its most challenging projects yet – a combination of an 8C check (ten-year inspection), complete cabin redesign and full paint job. The private owner of the Bombardier Global Express XRS business jet took advantage of the down time required for the compulsory 8C check to also have the air-craft interior completely renovated and for the exterior to be repainted. This integrated one-stop-shop solution allowed the jet’s down time to be exploited to the best possible effect, and meant that this complex major project could be realized within just a few weeks while adhering to the highest of quality standards. Constant supervision by the customer-focused project management team ensured that the work of the various specialist teams was optimally coordinated.

RWS High Impact Technology (HIT)

Lead-free maximum performance for hunters

With the RWS HIT (High Impact Technology), RUAG Ammotec has brought to the market a rifle cartridge with a number of special performance features. The reason for this, among other things, is its specially constructed tip: it contains two hollow chambers, allowing for an extended trajectory paired with high speed and impact energy, while at the same time ensuring a rapid shock effect in the target. This cartridge, which is optimized for medium-sized and stronger game weighing 40 kilograms and over, is lead-free and delivers good instantaneous effectiveness and superior penetration even at long distances. The RWS HIT won the "Trophée Conaissance de la Chasse" at the 2015 Game Fair in France. RUAG is thus continuing its series of successful developments in the hunting ammunition segment.

POLYCOM framework agreement

Success factor: integrated solutions expertise

The Defence division was able to conclude a forward-looking framework agreement with the Federal Office for Defence Procurement (armasuisse). The agreement guarantees the sale of over 13,000 POLYCOM handheld radios (TPH-900) between now and 2020. The buyers are the Department of Civil Protection, the Border Guard Corps and other federal organizations. With this contract, the division has put itself in a very good position from which to acquire future work as an integrated solution provider in the civilian and public service sector as well: integration skills are as much a part of its portfolio as profound expertise in the field of network maintenance and device repair. In this area, RUAG Defence is building on its many years of experience with the hundred-plus military command and control, communications, reconnaissance and radar systems used by the Swiss Armed Forces. Furthermore, the Defence division is already working on the challenges of tomorrow, today. Thanks to its extensive expertise in the field of cyber-security, it will continue to provide appropriate support to civilian organizations with complex projects in future.

RUAG Enterprise Architecture

World-class IT basis for tech innovations

A better information base for investment decisions and more efficient management of its IT platforms – these are the goals RUAG has been pursuing with its project to establish a uniform IT architecture for the whole Group, launched in late 2014. At the end of 2015, the RUAG Enterprise Architecture inventory already encompassed more than 550 business applications with their business processes, responsibilities, interfaces and master data. As well as a uniform listing of the entire IT portfolio, the relevant people within the divisions and Corporate IT are also developing common governance rules, processes and roles.