Export compliance

As a corporation under the ownership of the Swiss Confederacy, RUAG is aware of its responsibility as a supplier of military applications for aerospace and defence.

Military applications specifically include the export of defence products and the provision of defence-related services for customers abroad (i.e. outside Switzerland).

This is based on the following directives:

  • Federal Act on War Material (KMG)
  • Federal Act on the Control of Dual-Use Goods and of Specific Military Goods (GKG)
  • Federal Act on the Implementation of International Sanctions, Embargo Act (EmbG)
  • Federal Act on Private Security Services Provided Abroad (PSSA)

RUAG delivers military applications exclusively to unambiguously identifiable, reputable business partners, thereby contributing to security, independence and stability.

The Export Compliance policy applies to all RUAG organizational units and activities, regardless of whether their registered office is in Switzerland or abroad and regardless of whether their export activities are conducted from Switzerland or from a location abroad.