On certain occasions, but at least twice a year, the Audit Committee has the General Counsel and Chair of the Compliance Board report to it on specific and current issues relating to compliance. This reporting focuses on the ban on corruption and questions relating to export compliance for defence applications (i.e. products and services). If the situation requires, information is also provided on reports made to the RUAG whistleblower service and any consequent insights gained and/or actions taken. The reporting is followed by a discussion, then the information is finalized and, where appropriate, a proposal submitted to the full Board of Directors. The Chair of the Audit Committee briefs the Board of Directors at the next meeting and, where appropriate, makes corresponding submissions from the Audit Committee to the full Board of Directors.

In addition, the Board of Directors is briefed on the Advisory Board's advice and recommendations on compliance issues.

The shareholder is provided with summarized information on compliance issues within the context of quarterly reports and meetings as well as via the Annual Report.