E-invoicing – electronic invoicing

With the introduction of e-invoicing, RUAG will be offering its customers and suppliers the option of paperless invoicing. RUAG and its service partner, Swisscom IT Services, currently provide e invoicing coverage internationally in more than 40 countries. Electronic signatures allow the integrity and authenticity of the electronic invoices to be verified and assured by the tax authorities. RUAG's service partner, Swisscom IT Services ensures legal compliance. If necessary, this documentation can be inspected on RUAG's premises.


Phased introduction of e-invoicing

The introduction of e-invoicing at RUAG began with the connection of the first RUAG unit in November 2013 and will continue until end of 2016. During this period, all RUAG units will be linked up to the system in stages. The first phase will involve incoming paper invoices being processed at a central service centre. In the second phase, customers and suppliers who already use e invoicing will be fully integrated.