Invoices to RUAG

As a RUAG supplier, you have a choice of invoicing methods:

  • Paper invoice to P.O. Box
  • PDF files (sent by e-mail)
  • Full integration (structured invoice data)

Paper invoice to P.O. Box
Incoming invoices can continue to be received on paper until further notice. The first step will involve incoming paper invoices being processed at a central service centre. Paper invoices should be sent to the RUAG P.O. Box in Urdorf. For precise details of the invoice address, please consult your purchase order or contact your RUAG Procurement Manager.

PDF files (sent by e-mail)
Invoices can now also be sent as PDF files. All you need to do is complete a one-time registration as a supplier at the Conextrade Trading Center. You will then be able to send your invoice quickly and easily as a PDF file to the Conextrade mailbox. You can obtain an information sheet showing you how to register on the trading platform (using the e-mail address specific to the business unit) from your RUAG Procurement Manager.

Full integration (structured invoice data)
Customers and suppliers can exchange electronic invoices with RUAG. The prerequisite for this is a direct connection either to the Conextrade Trading Center or to another platform or provider (Interworking). This enables fast and reliable data transmission – as with a direct point-to-point connection.

Your contact person
Would you like to use paperless invoicing with RUAG? Or do you have any questions on e invoicing? Your RUAG Procurement Manager will be pleased to assist you with practical support and advice.

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