Cyril Kubelka

CEO Division Ammotec
born 1963, Austria
Member of the Group Executive Board since 2004

Focusing on research and development for top-quality pyrotechnical specialty products for hunting and sport, law enforcement, the military and industrial applications is opening new market niches worldwide and secures our market leader position in Europe.

Senior Executive Program, Columbia University of New York; Business Administration (Mag.rer.soc.oec. degree) from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria; Professional Singing at Vienna University of Music and the Performing Arts, Austria.

General Manager of Dynamit Nobel Ammotec Ltd.; Deputy General Manager of Tego Chemie Service GmbH, Germany; Head of Marketing and Sales, BASF, Germany; Business consulting EFS Ltd., Austria.

Other appointments
General Manager of RUAG Ammotec in Germany and Switzerland; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RUAG Ammotec companies in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, France, Hungary, Sweden, UK and USA; Member of the Executive Board of Nitrochemie, Germany and Switzerland; Member of the Executive Board of RUAG Space, Sweden; Member of the Executive Board of RUAG Aviation in Malaysia; Member of the Board of Directors and head of the strategic committee of AFEMS (European association of Ammunition producers), Brussels.

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