Dr. Alexander Toussaint

CEO Division Aerostructures
Born 1967, Germany
Member of the Group Executive Board since 2015

RUAG Aerostructures specializes in aircraft structural components. Key focal points are the development, production and final assembly of complete passenger aircraft fuselage sections, wing and control surface components as well as sophisticated component assemblies and parts for civil and military aircraft. As "Quality Gate", the division is responsible for the global fuselage section supply chain for aircraft manufacturers.

Dipl. Ing. in mechanical engineering, Technische Universität München
Dr. Ing., Technische Universität München

Managing Director at Hutchinson Aerospace GmbH (subsidiary of TOTAL / Hutchinson Group); Head of Production Center Components at Airbus Helicopters; Principal and Interim Manager at corporate consultants DROEGE & Comp. GmbH, Project Manager at the engineering company Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Umformtechnik mbH (eug)