Urs Kiener

born 1965, Swiss national
Member of the Group Executive Board since 2002

Finance & Controlling defines benchmarks and key figures to manage the activities of the RUAG Group in accordance with the provisions of the Group strategy. The main focus is on professional risk management, efficient cash management, financial discipline and transparency, and clarity and openness in communication. Corporate Procurement standardizes and optimizes procurement processes throughout the RUAG Group.

Group Risk Management supports RUAG's internationalization with the implementation of a company-wide risk management process, assessments and tools.

RUAG Real Estate is the centre of expertise for managing RUAG’s real estate assets internationally. The main tasks of RUAG Real Estate are to improve the return on investment, increase the value of RUAG’s considerable real estate portfolio and to acquire, plan, develop and manage production areas and infrastructure for the divisions and their business units. RUAG Environment recycles electrical and electronic appliances and is a specialist in industrial waste disposal.

Diploma from the Business School of the Berne University of Applied Sciences; Master of Corporate Finance, IFZ Zug.

Various positions in finance, controlling, accounting, including as Head of Finance and Accounting at RUAG Holding Ltd. and Head of Corporate Controlling, Valora Group.

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