Media releases

23.12.2011 RUAG Defence
RUAG supplies Leopard armoured engineer and mine-clearance vehicles for the Swiss Armed Forces
15.12.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space contributes to new generation Earth observation satellites
07.12.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG's answers to questions concerning the partial F-5 Tiger replacement and the type procurement decision of 1 December 2011
07.12.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG's answers to questions concerning the partial F-5 Tiger replacement and the type procurement decision of 1 December 2011
06.12.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG: Christian Ferber appointed new Senior Vice President Corporate HR and Executive Board member
24.11.2011 RUAG Technology
Organisational restructuring and short-time working in Altdorf
22.11.2011 RUAG Space
Curiosity travels under RUAG Payload Fairing
03.11.2011 RUAG Technology
RUAG Technology: Staff reduction at Mechanical Engineering in Altdorf cannot be excluded if competitiveness is to be retained
24.10.2011 RUAG Aviation
RUAG: Maintenance authorization also for Cessna CJ4
19.10.2011 RUAG Holding
Change on Executive Board: Hans Bracher to leave RUAG at the end of 2011
12.10.2011 RUAG Space
Launch day approaches for first Galileo* satellites: RUAG Space is on board
30.09.2011 RUAG Aviation
RUAG: Leading Bombardier Service in Europe for 30 years – Official opening of the new customer lounge
21.09.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space expands production site for high-performance thermal insulation in Berndorf, Austria.
09.09.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG meets international customers and partners at DSEi in London
02.09.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG: EBIT rises to CHF 45 million in H1 2011; tightened focus and risk minimization bearing fruit.
26.08.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG invests in central Switzerland with modern industrial hall in Emmen
25.08.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space delivers motor control system for the solar panels on BepiColombo
02.08.2011 RUAG Space
Minister President of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, visits RUAG Space in Zurich
20.07.2011 RUAG Aviation
RUAG: Bangladesh Navy purchases two modern Do 228NG’s
18.07.2011 RUAG Holding
Lukas Braunschweiler to leave RUAG
01.07.2011 RUAG Space
Change at the top of RUAG Space in Sweden
21.06.2011 RUAG Holding
Sikorsky Aerospace Services and RUAG Aviation Sign Agreement for Customer Service Center in Switzerland
21.06.2011 RUAG Holding
In Paris RUAG exhibits wide range of aerospace expertise and signs maintenance agreement with Sikorsky
10.06.2011 RUAG Aviation
RUAG: Aircraft services at its best!
10.06.2011 RUAG Aviation
RUAG Business Aviation launches AOG Support Center
10.06.2011 RUAG Aviation
A new look for the three Swiss Air Ambulance Jets
10.06.2011 RUAG Aviation
First general overhaul of a Twin Otter in Bern-Belp
09.06.2011 RUAG Aviation
One stop shop: 8C check, cabin refurbishment and full painting of a Bombardier Global in only 12 weeks downtime
31.05.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG and Saint Jean Industries implement the sale of the activities at the Plan-les-Ouates site
23.05.2011 RUAG Aviation
Change at the top of RUAG Business Aviation
18.05.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space gains a new customer in the US market
13.05.2011 RUAG Space
Change at the top of RUAG Space Switzerland
04.05.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG: CHF 20 m dividend to Swiss Confederation
19.04.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space wins contract for record-number of electronics units for Iridium NEXT Satellites
18.04.2011 RUAG Real Estate
Nidwalden AirPark AG unveils masterplan for industrial park on RUAG site at Buochs Airport
15.04.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG and Saint Jean Aero sign a sales contract offering new prospects for the Plan-les-Ouates site
13.04.2011 RUAG Aviation
New Vice President Sales & Business Development for Military Aviation Division in Oberpfaffenhofen
31.03.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG stages a strong return to profit in the 2010 financial year
25.02.2011 RUAG Holding
Information on RUAG's export business
24.02.2011 RUAG Holding
RUAG takes over the business of BASE TEN SYSTEMS Electronics GmbH
09.02.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space has new cleanrooms for space production
09.02.2011 RUAG Space
Ariane 5: European access to space guaranteed through high-tech made by RUAG Space
09.02.2011 RUAG Space
Space transporter ‘Johannes Kepler: RUAG technology flies to the ISS
09.02.2011 RUAG Space
Milestone launch for Europe’s Ariane rocket
13.01.2011 RUAG Space
RUAG Space supplies mechanisms for the James Webb Space Telescope