Media releases

02.12.2009 RUAG Defence
Acceptance of the Live simulation platform SIMUG in St. Luzisteig
01.12.2009 RUAG Defence
Handover of the first “Simulateur de Tir d’Equipage et de Section” to the Délégation générale pour l’armement in France
30.11.2009 RUAG Defence
RUAG Electronics launches GladiatorTM
23.11.2009 RUAG Space
U.S. rocket featuring new Swiss structure carries telecommunications satellite into space
12.11.2009 RUAG Aviation
RUAG celebrated roll-out of Do 228 New Generation aircraft
02.11.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG: 2,000 jobs at risk
28.10.2009 RUAG Space
New SMOS environmental satellite incorporates RUAG space technology
05.10.2009 RUAG Aviation
First Retrofit-Installation of 4 Panel Glass Cockpit ordered
24.09.2009 RUAG Space
With Electric Propulsion to Mercury - RUAG Space delivers the Pointing Assembly
21.09.2009 RUAG Space
First Swiss satellite ready for launch
17.09.2009 RUAG Aviation
RUAG optimizes civil aircraft maintenance business
14.09.2009 RUAG Aviation
RUAG contributes to general civil air safety - with a Flight Data Monitoring Service
03.09.2009 RUAG Holding
10 years of RUAG - a technology group with a bright future
27.08.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG in first half of 2009: Broad basis proves its worth
20.07.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG focuses more closely on its core business in Geneva
10.07.2009 RUAG Defence
Key handed over for the SIMUG live simulation platform in Bure
01.07.2009 RUAG Holding
Sale of Oerlikon Space to RUAG completed
26.06.2009 RUAG Holding
Dassault and RUAG continue collaboration
19.06.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG receives award from Northrop Grumman
15.06.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG Aerospace Austria builds space-qualified GPS Receiver for the first three Sentinel Satellites of the European GMES Program
02.06.2009 RUAG Holding
Oerlikon to sell Space business unit to RUAG
02.06.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG strengthens space activities
01.06.2009 RUAG Holding
29.05.2009 RUAG Holding
Short-time work at RUAG
13.05.2009 RUAG Holding
Aircraft servicing and interior fittings new in one-stop-shop
08.05.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG: Annual Shareholders' Meeting approves 2008 financial result
07.05.2009 RUAG Holding
Space exploration with technology from RUAG Aerospace
06.05.2009 RUAG Holding
Boeing Awards for RUAG Aerospace
02.04.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG: Satisfactory financial year in 2008, strategic investments made
10.03.2009 RUAG Holding
RUAG expands its ballistic protection capabilities
03.03.2009 RUAG Holding
First Dornier 228 NG shipset supplied
26.02.2009 RUAG Holding
Short-time work at certain units of RUAG
12.02.2009 RUAG Holding
Restructuring measures at RUAG Aerospace in Geneva
23.01.2009 RUAG Holding
Hans Rudolf Hauri to become new CEO of RUAG Real Estate AG