Finanz- und Portfoliomanagement

Working on behalf of the RUAG divisions as well as third parties, Portfolio Management develops location and site strategies for maintaining and increasing the long-term value of real estate. In this way, we are able to ensure that industrial sites continue to remain of interest and operational over a specific production period.

Commercial building management

RUAG Real Estate Ltd. concentrates on the customer-orientated, transparent management of properties. This includes, for example, supporting users and owners, as well as cost and contract management.

If you are currently unable to find a suitable offer on the property platforms, please contact us anyway, as we may be able to help. We have great potential for developing a solution on one of our sites with you.

To Properties to let

Real estate investments

RUAG Real Estate Ltd. provides optimum production infrastructure for industry in Switzerland. We offer developed and undeveloped sites, office, industrial and factory units, warehousing and logistics facilities. As your partner, we will utilise our in-depth expertise in industrial real estate to ensure the safety of your investment.

Current offers for investors