Real estate development

Using comprehensive ideas, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. effectively monitors the cost-effective use and further development of industrial sites in the long term. In this respect, integrated portfolio management is the focus of the future-orientated management of the holding.

The objective is to further develop industrial sites into themed industrial parks and in so doing create attractive property solutions for commercial and industrial concerns. With its infrastructure, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. systematically promotes job creation.

RUAG "Foresight" project, Thun
RUAG is planning the construction of an office, industrial and commercial complex in Kleine Allment, Thun. The intention is to complete this project in collaboration with an investment partner.
Here, the name "Foresight" says it all: the generously-proportioned service and office facilities in the 55 metre-high office building are the first of their type in the up-and-coming Geneva/Berne commercial area and offer the potential for several hundred jobs.
Part of the Cantonal Economic Development Focus ("EDF Thun-Nord")
The civilian use of army land in Thun will be promoted by the so-called "Economic Development Focus (EDF) programme". With this, the Canton of Berne wants to create concentrated areas of employment at selected locations, with the aim of setting up and advancing sustainable economic development. As part of its growth strategy, EDFs will make a significant contribution towards strengthening the economic potential of the canton of Berne. Around 13 per cent of the gross added value of the canton will be developed here.

Room for development
This high-rise building is a prominent urban planning feature with outstanding views and will, in future, dominate the Thun skyline. Planned on the ground floor are sales and retail areas, offices on the 13 floors above as well as a restaurant open to the public with a bar and lounge on the top floor. Also scheduled are event and exhibition facilities.
Space will be available to both domestic and international companies, and in particular customers and tenants from the upmarket service sector requiring larger spaces of 240 m² or more. Several of the lower storeys are reserved for RUAG.

In this respect please see our Press release dated 3 June 2014.