Your benefits in an industrial park

RUAG Real Estate Ltd. is developing six of its industrial sites into integrated, themed industrial parks. This will offer various important benefits.

RUAG Real Estate Ltd. offers tenants and investors optimum production infrastructure facilities.

Our industrial parks are not conventional industrial estates, but themed networks. The primary factor for success is the use of synergies. By siting companies with comparable value chains together, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. enables businesses with similar interests to share their knowledge and experience. Putting complementary businesses together significantly minimises the risk involved for investors.

Thanks to its master plan, RUAG industrial parks are optimally designed for many years of success in terms of their basic structure and themed orientation. Adaptable, standardised building shells are designed to grow with the company. Reletting is a given and jobs remain attractive. Designated core zones create opportunities for meeting. According to the slogan "Plug & produce", our tenants concentrate on their key skills and leave us to manage their office, production and warehousing facilities.

Disadvantages of traditional industrial areas

As a rule, each new site for commerce and industry is a single development. Although the industrialist must primarily deal with his core business, he is still also responsible for the finance, selection of a location, infrastructure of the site and construction of production buildings. In this respect, many people seem to forget that production cycles are getting shorter and shorter and mostly only last 5 to 10 years. However, the life cycle of an industrial building is 70 to 100 years.
Disadvantages of this conventional model:

  • Capital tied up in a static property
  • High fixed costs, high repair costs
  • High expenditure for infrastructures used individually, such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, common rooms and reception areas, etc., that primarily do not serve the production process.