The space industry of tomorrow


Space is a part of the daily work at RUAG Space.  We manufacture space products that are used in almost all satellites and rockets serving the world wide space industry and global needs.  

At RUAG Space we work in teams and have close collaboration in projects. We care about the balance between work and leisure through our flexible working conditions. 

We are located i Göteborg and Linköping. RUAG Space AB is a part of the space division within RUAG Holding AG, a swiss technology group. The space division has approx. 1 100 employees in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Finland. 


RUAG Space is a key player within the space industry whose vision is to be the number one individual space product supplier. The production facility in Gothenburg manufactures products for the space industry with components of very high quality, specifically designed to accomplish a low failure rate on component level. The production is based on low-volume manufacturing with manual handling and quality controls to a high extent.

Indications from the space industry tell that there will be a change in matter of costs, volumes and lead-time for communication satellites. For RUAG Space this implies a need to evaluate how they should adapt the manufacturing process to achieve product manufacturing with shorter lead-times and lower costs per part produced.

Work content
A joint research project between Chalmers and RUAG Space has been initiated and during this autumn data gathering will be performed. Based on the acquired data a current state analysis should be established, which will require mapping of dependencies such as resources, personnel and material flows etc. Techniques that could be used are for example 3D scanning, VSM, DES and line balancing to support the current analysis. Choice of technique is based on students’ interests and background.  

Thesis work extent
30p, 20 weeks for 2 persons

Means & Conduction
Office, computer and software will be arranged by RUAG Space and Chalmers.

Send your application to ulrika.larsson(at) at the latest December 2, 2016.

Contact information

Björn Johansson, bjorn.johansson(at), +46 31 772 38 09

Contact Chalmers
Daniel Nåfors, daniel.nafors(at), +46 31 772 10 02

Maja Bärring, maja.barring(at), +46 31 772 10 26

Contact RUAG Space
Ulrika Larsson, ulrika.larsson(at), +46 31 735 40 27, +46 736 68 00 27