Throughout four decades, RUAG Space has supplied antennas to scientific, earth observation and commercial satellites. The number of antennas delivered is counted in hundreds. We are now a leading satellite antenna supplier in Europe and in the US.

With our solid experience, we can handle both cost-effective standard antennas and novel, challenging developments. Most of our products fall in the following categories:

Reflector antennas

Reflector antennas have been delivered for satellite data links, deep space probes, DBS applications, radio astronomy, and for earth observation. These antennas have state-of-the-art RF designs combined with very low mass. Compact Gregorian antennas have been delivered to numerous communication satellites. Our extremely stable carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) antennas with high surface accuracy have for example been delivered to the 575 GHz Odin radiometer and the SIRAL interferometer for Cryosat. Furthermore, the 3.3 m Synthetic Aperture Radar antenna on the SAR-Lupe satellites as well as the 2.2 m dichroic cassegrainian for the deep-space probe Rosetta are examples of our large reflector capabilities.

Wide coverage antennas

We deliver wide coverage antennas for telemetry and telecommand, GPS receivers, beacons, and data downlinks, spanning frequencies from UHF to Ka-band. 
A comprehensive range of antenna types is available to tailor the antenna patterns to fit different applications and coverage types, e.g. isoflux, toroidal, omni, hemispherical, and global coverage patterns.
Our heritage designs comprise quadrifilar helices, microstrip antennas, cup antennas, slot antennas, biconical antennas, waveguide radiators and horns.

Array antennas

We are leaders in the design of slotted waveguide arrays. RUAG Space designed the SAR and scatterometer antennas for ESA’s radar satellites ERS–1 and –2, as well as the scatterometer antennas for the METOP satellites. We have also developed designs for dual-polarized and dual-beam waveguide antennas.

For mobile communication applications, we have delivered array elements for Artemis, EMS, Thuraya, ICO, and MSV, with an accumulated total of more than 4 000 elements delivered. The designs are very lightweight, combined with low passive intermodulation (PIM) levels and excellent RF performance. The elements can also be supplied with integrated diplexers.

Auxiliary components and services

For the above-mentioned antenna categories, we can also provide auxiliary components, thermal protection, etc.

We can provide system-level services, such as installed performance analysis and measurements. In addition, our antenna test facilities are available to external customers.

Welcome to the full service antenna provider!