RUAG Space Switzerland

RUAG Space is the leading space company in Switzerland. Companies and sites that are now part of RUAG have shaped Swiss space activities from the very start, for example, as part of the Ariane programme. Since the inception of the programme, RUAG Space has been responsible for the development and manufacture of payload fairings, which protect satellites on the nose of the launch vehicle from the forces to which they are exposed on their journey into space. In the 1960s, long before the first Ariane lifted off from Kourou, work on the first European satellite, ESRO-1, and the high-altitude research missile Zenit, marked Switzerland's initiation into space flight.

The participation of Switzerland in the European Space Agency (ESA) is the foundation on which an effective and reliable space industry was able to develop. Today RUAG Space has more than 600 employees at its Zurich, Nyon and Emmen locations, developing and producing a wide range of products for the space industry.