Industrial Measurement Services

Precision on Earth, reliability in space. Our day-to-day business is the development and manufacture of aerospace products. Our experts for industrial measuring technology have years of experience in the aerospace industry and use modern, highly precise machinery. Our external customers benefit from this too: RUAG Space offers you stellar quality at down to Earth terms.

Tactile 3D measurement services

In our certified 3D measurement room, we measure your product up to 1200 mm x 2400 mm x 1000 mm in size, with a maximum mass of 2000 kg


Our FARO Edge ScanArm ES assists you with product development, inspection and regular quality control.

Determining surface parameters

We carry out the measurements by scanning reference planes and on the go with our sensor skid system.

Measuring by hand

With more than 1 000 measurement devices at our disposal, we can cover almost any need.

Inspection reports

Our inspection reports are logically organised and easy to understand.

Labelling components

We label your parts to your specifications. Depending on the requirements and size of the component, we can use different methods: laser marking, flat etching, electrolyte etching.