T-ATV Tracked All Terrain Vehicle

The Business Unit Land Systems of RUAG Defence has, due to the current business situation, restructured itself in order to work more efficiently. The restructuring allows the concentration on core competencies and markets.

An in-depth analysis of the product range has revealed that the T-ATV does not fit into this strategy of core competencies. The distribution of the T-ATV from the manufacturer through RUAG Defence to the customer is not efficient enough in terms of both finance and time. As an intermediary RUAG Defence cannot optimally support customers.

For this reason, RUAG Defence and the manufacturer of the T-ATV, SAND-X MOTORS, have decided that the T-ATV is marketed in the future directly from SAND-X MOTORS. All activities relating to T-ATV are immediately stopped by RUAG Defence and taken over by SAND-X MOTORS.

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