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Vehicle Equipment

Saving lives. With effective, realistic training....

Your mechanized infantry units and armored fighting vehicles, are crucial strategic assets, and key to your mission success. Ensuring readiness and top performance in both military exercises and true combat situations requires reliable, effective, and realistic training for your personnel and the vehicles they operate. Our proven, Gladiator Live Simulation Vehicle Equipment solutions are the optimal choice for matching your training goals with a highly realistic environment. Modular by design, and interoperable with international standards, you and your team are able to tailor the Gladiator Live Simulation Vehicle Equipment to your own training expectations. Your units train safely and at the highest quality available while also keeping within your given budgetary guidelines. 

Success in modern, mechanized combat environments requires highly realistic training – training fidelity – for the mechanized infantry units and their armored fighting vehicles. Creating real combat scenarios where actual vehicles are used in live simulation is crucial, preparing units and their commanders reliably and effectively.

Gladiator Live Simulation Vehicle Equipment is based on this approach to high quality, high training fidelity. Yet, the Gladiator system remains cost-efficient due to its modular design. You determine the level of training fidelity and integration that suits your training and readiness goals, and then you decide which modules you need to achieve the most effective tactical training for your units and their commanders.

The training solutions are suitable for both basic and combat training. Compelling features include:

  • Modular system with standard components
  • All weapon systems built into the vehicle
  • One-way or two-way lasers

The training solutions are able to integrate into the following vehicle types:

  • Unarmoured cargo and troop carriers
  • Personnel carriers
  • Battle tanks
  • Infantry fighting vehicles
  • Armoured combat vehicles
  • Armoured cars

Benifits of the Vehicle training solution

  • Suitable for basic precise gunnery training and combat training
  • Accurate ballistic simulation of all types of ammunition (lead/elevation angle)
  • Realistic weapon handling
  • Modular design optimised for each specific training requirement
  • Highly realistic vulnerability model
  • Tracer representation in optical aiming devices
  • Use of technology appropriate to customer’s requirements (one- or two-way laser)
  • All weapons included in the simulator
  • Extended training data collection (e. g. GPS, fire and hit event)
  • Proven eye-safe laser technologies
  • Interoperability with legacy and third-party systems (e.g. UCATT code)