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Training Center Operation

As realistic as it gets.
With our Training Center Operations for Live and Virtual Simulators.

Full service support – one point of contact

Focus your time and attention on your training priorities and improved mission success. Our reliable and highly experienced Simulation & Training experts ensure the full system readiness and reliable operations of our Live and Virtual Simulation Installations.

Preparing dynamic and highest fidelity simulation & training exercises for your defence and security forces relies on complex, state-of-the-art technologies and the ready availability of skilled personnel. Time, logistics and budget constraints are also demanding. Rely on our technical specialists to provide reliable and effective training sessions at our fixed installations. Responsible for full configuration management, our team prioritizes integrating, operating and monitoring training exercises aligned with your training goals, to enable your forces to focus their attention on the task at hand – improved combat readiness.

Our technical specialists deploy along with you before, during and after training sessions at our fixed installations, laying the groundwork for fully immersive and instrumented conflict environments and networked componentry, customized to your needs and goals. Our teams also ensure highly realistic virtual simulation installations and LV-hybrid experiences with precision technology systems combining synthetic and kinetic technologies. Technical installations for monitoring and supervision tasks, Combat Control Centers (CTC) and full audiovisual recordings facilitate highly accurate after-action review (AAR) reporting sessions.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of high performance, highest training fidelity LVC systems, we prioritize accurate and prompt maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for operational availability around the clock, 365 days a year. The services we provide encompass the provision of all simulation equipment for participants, vehicles, effect simulators and instructions. During operation, our team supports the instructors in handling, recording and evaluating exercise events. Furthermore, we ensure full services comprising the MRO and upgrades of equipment, buildings and training infrastructure.

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