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Air Defence

Protect your surface. Trust clear system readiness and enhanced capabilities ...

Effective surface-to-air defence demands reliable system readiness and precision performance. Our proven air defence system management is active on your behalf, both on the field and in training.

Your air defence systems achieve compelling results when you rely on our specialised life cycle support programs for maintenance, evaluation, testing, and system improvements. Trusted by the Swiss Air Force as a long-standing partner and material competence center, we prove thorough knowledge of the reliable management of anti-aircraft systems and surface protection packages, during their whole life cycle.

We actively manage both the Skyguard 35mm anti-aircraft system and the Rapier mobile guided missile system. Our air defence system management services also include support of associated test equipment, simulators, and IT applications, as well as the development of our proprietary service packages for enhanced capabilities. The Laser Range Finder (LRF) facilitates precise protection from aerial attacks and a modular evaluation package for Rapier allows real-time monitoring of system events, condition of target, commands to the missile, and real-time feedback.

Air Defence