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Command and Data Handling Systems

RUAG Space is a major European supplier of complete Command and Data Handling systems for telecom, scientific and earth observation satellites. We have delivered more than hundred systems to different satellites.

The Command and Data Handling (C&DH) system handles all data sent and received by the spacecraft, including science data and spacecraft or payload operations. The system is connected to the RF transmitter and receiver units provide a communication channel between the spacecraft and the ground operators. The basic data flow over a space link is made of Telemetry(TM) and Telecommand (TC) data.

Our Command and Data Handling systems or Spacecraft Management Units are capable of interfacing with all the types of equipment you normally find on-board a satellite and include everything you need for spacecraft control either in a single box, or divided in two units - the On-Board Computer (OBC) and the Remote Interface Unit (RIU). The system is highly reliable using internal redundancy and includes advanced hardware support for autonomous missions.

RUAG Space has successfully delivered the Command and Data Handling system to many European programs e.g. Galileo, MTG, Small GEO, ExoMars Orbiter, Sentinel 1-3, Solar Orbiter, Euclid and Juice.