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Guidance and Control Computers

RUAG Space develops high performance fault-tolerant on board computers used in space transportation....

We have supplied the launcher computers for all Ariane and VEGA launchers up to date. The computers are designed to have a low mass and small footprint while still tolerating the vibration and shock requirements typical for a launcher. They are based on a scalable processor architecture (SPARC) with support functions provided by dedicated Application Intergrated Circuits (ASICs).

The ExoMars Rover is also controlled by a computer from RUAG Space. After landing on Mars the ExoMars Rover will operate autonomously and will navigate by using optical sensors. The ExoMars Rover on board computer is a spin-off of the Data Handling System built with a specific mechanical design to fit in the Rover vehicle. It has also a reduced set of interfaces to reduce the mass and power to less than 50% of a standard Satellite Management Unit core computer.