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Converters & Receivers

RUAG Space converters and receivers are characterized by small size, low noise, high linearity, excellent frequency stability and low spurious levels. All of which is achieved by the use of miniaturization technologies such as Monolithic Microwace Integrated Circuit (MMIC) and multilayer ceramic substrates - combined with a long experience and skill in design and manufacture of telecom equipment....

Our high-performance converters and receivers are used by a large variety of service providers: Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, Telesat, Hispasat, Thuraya, DirecTV and others.

The RSE family of generic Compact Converters and Receivers include 6/4 GHz, 14/12 GHz,18/12 GHz, 14/4 GHz, 6/12 GHz and 30/20 GHz variants. All variants can be ordered with a variety of frequency plans due to the generic concept that utilizes a modular design of the Compact Converters and Receivers. The units are standalone which means that the units include LO generation and DC/DC power converter. The interface is configurable for most satellite bus standards.

The 30/20 GHz downconverter is available as slice variant. The slice variant uses a central LO generator (CLO) and central power supply (CPSU) which are capable of supplying a large number of slice units. The use of slice converters, CLO and a CPSU lowers total weight and power consumption considerably.

RSE has delivered more than 960 Compact and Slice flight models of converters and receivers with excellent performance.