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Payload Equipment



RUAG Space has developed a full range of covers for diverse instruments like Rosina from Rosetta, SOVIM from ISS, Lyra from Proba and for FEEP using Caesium gas.

For ESA's XMM-Newton Space Telescope, RUAG Space has developed a Reversible Deployment Mechanism for opening and closing of a venting and outgassing door, and a spring driven, non-reversible Lightweight Deployment Mechanism (LDM) for in-orbit opening of cover doors of an optical aperture.

Laser Chopper and Flip Flop Mechanisms

RUAG Space is the only company in Europe that can provide the customers with these miniaturised mechanisms. These products have been developed for Aladin an instrument of Aeolus. Missions like EarthCare, MeteoSat Third Generation are further potential applications.