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Satellite Structures

RUAG Space is the leading European supplier of lightweight structures. The experience we have gained in more than four decades of space activities enables us to make our space and non-space customers more competitive....

RUAG Space designs, manufactures, assembles and tests high precision and dimensionally stable structures. These structures can be used as satellite backbone, or as an instrument platform for mounting optical or other instruments.

With our involvement in more than 50 missions over the past 40 years RUAG Space has built up a substantial heritage and a large portfolio of qualified state of the art components and subsystems. RUAG’s customers save time and money by selecting one of these components rather than engineering it from scratch.

RUAG’s customers demand a high degree of flexibility as a result of changes in the specifications that often occur in a late stage of the project. With the design, manufacturing and test all on one site, RUAG Space has short communication lines and is able to implement these changes to meet the customer request.