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Struts are often used in spacecraft to transfer loads on their own or in complete truss structures. ...

With RUAG's involvement in more than 50 missions over the past 40 years we currently have more than 500 struts of different geometries in space and have solid know-how in developing, manufacturing and testing of struts and complete truss structures with complex geometries and under most extreme conditions.

  • RUAG Space sets the benchmark with more than 500 struts of different geometries in space
  • Our customers save time and money by choosing a strut from our qualified strut portfolio
  • RUAG engineers support you with the layout of your complete truss structure
  • Our manufacturing processes and know-how include hand lamination as well as filament winding for standard or complex geometries
  • Material choices are made to fit your needs. For the end-fittings aluminum, titanium or invar can be used
  • Our well equipped testing facilities allow qualification for most extreme conditions
  • RUAG's experience in struts reduces your lead time and price