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For a successful launch, we build reliable products....

RUAG Space products are chosen by all leading launch service providers. The company has equipped every Ariane rocket with payload fairings since the very first launch in 1979, and its composite structures feature onboard American Atlas rockets. Stage adapters from RUAG connect first and upper stage, or upper stage and spacecraft – with contribution to the American Space Launch System as the most recent mandate.

RUAG Space adapters and separation systems ensure that there is a safe connection and separation between satellite and rocket. The company’s success rate is unmatched in terms of in-orbit applications and flight proven reliability. The modular systems enables compatibility with almost any launcher / satellite combination.

Further, RUAG offers products for sounding rocket guidance and for sounding rocket payload attitude control – both for NASA and ESA missions.


Product Unit Mechanical
Magnus Engström

Marketing & Sales
T: +46 13 482 8402

Product Unit Launchers
Matteo Rendina

Marketing & Sales
T: +41 44 306 20 88



  • 14.07.2021
  • Launcher Structures & Separation systems
  • Media release
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