RUAG Space

As Europe’s leading supplier of space products and with a growing presence in the US, RUAG Space specializes in components for use aboard satellites and launch vehicles....

Core business

RUAG Space is the leading supplier of products for the space industry in Europe and has a growing presence in the United States as well. With 12 production sites in six countries, the division specializes in components for use aboard satellites and launch  vehicles. Its competencies fall into three areas: electronics for all space applications, mechanical and thermal products for satellites, and structures and separation systems for launch vehicles.

Space Products & Services


ESA, NASA, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, Airbus OneWeb Satellites, Thales Alenia Space, OHB, United Launch Alliance, MAXAR, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Northrop Grumman

RUAG Space in numbers (2020)

  • Net sales: CHF 277 million
  • Employees: 1'337
  • Based in: Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Finland, USA, Germany,