RUAG Ammotec

At RUAG Ammotec, precision and reliability are key aspects of every product, and are what make this constantly growing division the European market leader in small-calibre ammunition, pyrotechnic elements and components....

Core business

With its Hunting & Sports and Armed Forces&Law Enforcement business units, the division has been the technology leader in heavy-metalfree primer technology for some years now. As well as small-calibre ammunition, this includes actuator cartridges for the construction industry and special applications in automotive safety systems, among others. The division also offers large-calibre training systems, hand grenades and environmentally safe disposal of pyrotechnic products.

Most of ist employees work at production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and the United States. There are also numerous sales companies throughout Europe. This proximity to customers and nurturing of long-established partnerships regularly results in top-quality new products, which can also be tailored to be exactly what the customer wants.

In the Hunting & Sports field, hunters value the wide product range of top brands such as RWS, Norma, Rottweil and GECO. RUAG Ammotec boosts the traditional distribution channels for these products with points of presence in the new media, on dedicated websites and through online partnerships.

In the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement customer segment, the division is a byword for standard and special precision ammunition across the entire small-calibre spectrum. With its comprehensive product range, it is a capable partner to numerous military and police forces for training and deployment

Ammotec Services & Products


Swiss Armed Forces, German Bundeswehr and other foreign armed forces, law enforcement organizations, hunters and sporting marksmen, industrial partners

RUAG Ammotec in numbers (2016)

  • Net sales: CHF 385 million
  • EBITDA: CHF 46 million
  • EBIT: CHF 31 million
  • Employees: 2,218
  • Based in: Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, USA, Austria, UK, France, Belgium, Brazil