RUAG in brief

RUAG develops trailblazing innovations and internationally soughtafter cutting-edge technology in the fields of aerospace and defence. By combining outstanding technological expertise with a high degree of foresight and responsibility, it creates the foundations for security and progress within society....

In order to live up to this claim while at the same time growing as a business, RUAG bases its activities on clear-cut values: collaboration, high performance and visionary thinking. These values not only shape how we think and what we do day to day in the Group and its five divisions (Space, Aerostructures, Ammotec, MRO International and MRO Switzerland) but also guide our interactions with business partners and customers, the public and – not least – our owner, the Swiss Confederation.

To secure and maintain a strong position vis-à-vis competitors around the world – both today and in future – RUAG competencies are focused on three strategic areas:

1. Combining civil and military applications

Today, the civil sector is acting more and more as a source of technological impetus for military applications. This includes, for example, visuals for virtual simulators, which are being driven forward by the gaming industry, rapidly developing telecommunications technologies, self-propelled vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. With civil business accounting for a 57 % share of sales and military business for 43 %, RUAG is in an ideal position to bring civil innovations into military applications.

2. Focusing on core business

In terms of its fields of activity, RUAG is highly diversified. At the same time, however, it is focusing its activities on specific competencies within the fields of aerospace and defence. Within these divisional core competencies, RUAG is looking to grow by means of selective innovation and investment.

3. International growth

RUAG has operations in Europe, North and South America and Asia / Pacific. Outside of Switzerland it has production sites in Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Australia and the USA. In addition, RUAG has branch offices in Belgium, the UK, Brazil, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. RUAG has a workforce of around 8,700 people and annual sales of about CHF 1.86 billion. Well over half of net sales are generated outside the Swiss home market.