Facts & Figures

RUAG Holding Ltd is a Swiss joint-stock company headquartered in Bern. It is wholly owned by the Swiss Confederation. RUAG Holding Ltd and its subsidiary companies focus on their core aerospace and defence businesses with goods and services in the military and civilian sectors and on the development of international growth markets....

Our strategy

To ensure it is strongly positioned in the face of international competition – both now and in the future – RUAG is pursuing its tried and tested corporate strategy based on three key areas: "Combining civil and military applications", "Focusing on core Business" and "International growth".

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Competencies in aerospace, security and defence

RUAG possesses outstanding technological capabilities in aerospace as well as security and defence. In 2018 RUAG generated net sales of CHF 1,998 million, of which 62% was earned outside the Swiss home market.

The civil and military sectors are closely bound up with each other at RUAG. These close ties are a source of valuable synergies. Thanks to its dual-track strategy, RUAG is able to harness new impulses from civilian technology, such as realistic visualization for virtual simulators and high-end telecommunications technologies, and make them available to its defence-sector customers swiftly and professionally. Customers from the civil domain benefit among other things from the Group’s vast expertise in the security field.

Technological know-how and wide-ranging professional capabilities are key factors in success of RUAG. To continually meet the demand among its customers and partners for unusual innovations, RUAG invests roughly 9% of sales in research and development. 

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RUAG locations

With its five divisions and locations in 15 countries, RUAG has a strong international market presence. Some 9'100 employees worldwide develop and produce the innovative RUAG products and services in use around the world on land, in the air and in space. To maintain and strengthen its skill base, RUAG provides specialist training in 24 different occupations.

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