Our brand

RUAG is a dynamic international group that combines outstanding technological expertise with a high degree of foresight and responsibility. Building on these qualities, we have established a brand positioning that creates a clear, focused profile for RUAG. At its center, you will find the essence of our brand. It runs through the work of every single employee within the company and is communicated by the claim: "Together ahead."...

We ensure mutual success by striving for the highest quality, continuous further development and uncompromising customer and service orientation. Our successes are those achieved by our customers and are the result of a strong partnership. RUAG will not rest until the best solutions for our customers are found. The promise we make to them, concisely and clearly, is this:

We listen to make it right. We stay to make it real. A promise you can trust.

At RUAG, we make it our business to understand our customers’ needs. We listen and learn every step of the way to create technology solutions that work. By delivering consistently high-quality and reliable performance, we generate the value that keeps our customers coming back.

The interplay between our values, our promise and our core results in our overall brand position: RUAG is a unique and trustworthy brand whose strength is serving every customer and facing every technological challenge presented.

The compass rose of RUAG

Our brand positioning wheel is the blueprint of our identity, defines the different dimensions of our brand and gives us clear orientation.

The compass rose of RUAG

Our Promise communicates what our customers can expect from us. It is based on the attributes: solution-orientation, reliability and trustworthiness.

Our values determine our interactions with our colleagues, partners and customers as well as with other stakeholders in business, government and the society in general.

Our core, claim and conviction: progress and success are mutual.

Whatever the branch of business, whatever the challenge: benefit from the synergy, interdisciplinarity and spirit of one strong brand.


The RUAG Brand Portal

If you would like to find out more about the RUAG brand or download design guidelines and data, visit our Brand Portal.

RUAG Brand Portal