Success is the fruit of clear strategy. RUAG's tried and tested corporate strategy is based on three key pillars: "Combining civil and military applications", "Focusing on core business" and "International growth".

Combining civil and military applications

For RUAG, expertise in civil and military applications and the retention of these key competencies are vital. The impetus for developing new technologies used to come from the armed forces. Nowadays, however, military business is strongly influenced by civil applications. In many cases, technological development progresses further in the civil than in the military field.

Focusing on core business

One of the central pillars of RUAG’s strategy is its systematic focus on its core competencies, offering essential components for deployment on the ground, in the air and in space. This precept applies both to the Group as a whole and to the individual divisions – SpaceAerostructuresRUAG MRO InternationalAmmotec and RUAG MRO Switzerland.

International growth

In view of the fragility of national finances in many European countries, the market environment remains challenging. In Switzerland, too, there are no major projects in the pipeline that will generate earnings in the medium term and to which RUAG could contribute. This makes it even more important for RUAG to actively expedite its efforts to open up international growth markets.