Real Estate Locations

In Switzerland, RUAG Real Estate Ltd. supervises six major locations in Berne, Emmen, Thun, Altdorf, Zurich-Seebach and Stans.
Further focus is placed on sites in Aigle, Zweisimmen, Wimmis, Interlaken, Ennetmoos, Lodrino, Brunnen and Alpnach.

Business Park Berne

Business Park Berne (Headquarters)

Stauffacherstrasse 65 Phone +41 31 376 61 16
3000 Bern 22 Email

Optimum prerequisites for your business.

Headquarters for IT, communications and technology companies, architects' practices and other businesses.

In the Business Park Berne we are creating a service-orientated business cluster by attracting companies from different branches of industry.


Thun Industrial Park

Allmendstrasse 86
3600 Thun
RUAG Real Estate AG Phone +41 41 268 41 11
Uttigenstrasse 57 Email
3600 Thun  

An industrial biotope with powerful charisma.

Integrated industrial park for the design engineering, ammunition loading and metalworking sectors.

Thun Industrial Park is the gateway to networked innovation. The emphasis of development activities at the site is on increasing the density of the production and logistics facilities. This will create space for the location of further high-powered businesses.

Emmen Industrial Park

Seetalstrasse 175 Phone +41 41 268 41 11
6032 Emmen Email

Cutting-edge aerospace technology.

Integrated industrial park for military aviation and aerospace.

The companies at the industrial park have access to a highly modern and versatile infrastructure that is geared to the needs of the aerostructure, military aviation and space industries.

Zurich-Seebach Industral Park

Schaffhauserstrasse 580 Phone +41 41 268 41 11
8052 Zürich Email

Research centre and science city.

Themed industrial park for rocket science and aerospace.

The site in Zurich, Switzerland's main business centre, offers ample scope for development. The existing structures are being progressively adapted to the users' needs with the aim of creating a unique environment for technology and Research.


Altdorf Industrial Park

Industriezone Schächenwald Phone +41 41 875 73 23
Militärstrasse 22 Email
6460 Altdorf  

The future "Metal Valley".

Themed industrial park for the metalworking industry.

The knock-on effects of globalisation, the financial crisis, demographic shifts, etc. have not left Switzerland unscathed. The multifunctional infrastructure at Altdorf Industrial Park is primarily designed to help companies from the metalworking industry survive and indeed prosper in a fierce market environment.

"neuland" Altdorf

Industriezone Schächenwald

Militärstrasse 22 Phone +41 41 268 41 11
6460 Altdorf Email
Schweiz Neuland

Opt for locational benefits and ensure that your company enjoys a tailor-made "plug & produce/work" facility and a favourable leasehold deal on the site.

The region Schächenwald is one of the prime workplace locations in the Urner Talboden valley region of Canton Uri. It offers ample development space for startups and specialty companies (innovative or traditional) in the metalworking, mechanical engineering and service sectors. The opened up part enjoys good transport links: thanks in particular to the planned West-East link «WOV», which is soon to be realized, access to the site is unparallelled. The site is being transformed into an attractive working and living space close to centres of population.

In the „Neuland“, companies that set up business here benefit from the service-oriented structures and are able to exploit synergies. In this dynamic setting you will find a suitable environment for your activities and a diverse network of partnerships and Expertise.

Nidwalden AirPark

Ennetbürgenstrasse Phone +41 41 268 41 11
6370 Stans Email

Central Swiss industrial park for aviation companies.

Integrated industrial park for small-scale and private aviation.

The companies based at this park are already successfully cooperating with one another. The concentration of companies with direct or indirect links to aviation is set to increase still further in the future. The resulting network will turn Stans Industrial Park into a centre of innovation for the aviation industry of tomorrow.

A place with a bright future

Nidwalden AirPark AG has the aim of upgrading the 90,000 m² industrial site of RUAG at Buochs Airport by developing it into a themed industrial park for domestic and international companies involved in the aerospace industry, as well as expanding the existing community.

Other locations

RUAG Defence
Chemin de Pré Yvonnet 2
1860 Aigle

RUAG Aviation
Thunstrasse 29
3770 Zweisimmen

Nitrochemie Wimmis AG
Niesenstrasse 44
3752 Wimmis

RUAG Aviation
Bönigstrasse 17
3812 Wilderswil

RUAG Aviation
Bitzistrasse 2
6372 Ennetmoos

RUAG Aviation
6527 Lodrino

RUAG Defence
Gersauerstrasse 71
6440 Ingenbohl

RUAG Aviation
Eichistrasse 13
6055 Alpnach