The Aerodynamics department provides a modern infrastructure for aerodynamic research investigations and development activities to fulfil customer‘s needs in the aerospace and automotive field....

Center: Department of Aerodynamics
6032 Emmen
Center activities: Test and analysis of Aerodynamic and Flight Dynamic topics for the
Aviation and Automotive Industry
Center competences: Wind Tunnel Testing
Numerical Simulations
Instrumentation and Sensors
We are interested in cooperation with partners active in the following fields: 

Aircraft OEM‘s
Automotive OEMs
Research establishments (DLR, NASA, ONERA,…)

  • OEM for new aircraft types and extensive modifications on existing aircraft
  • Wind tunnels
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Proposal Information

Introduction of product or service
RUAGs Aerodynamic department is a future oriented organisation focusing on the latest technology trends – to ensure being one «step ahead».

Modern infrastructure and equipment for aerodynamic research and industrial development activities form the basis for fulfilling the customers‘ needs in both the aerospace and automotive field. The mainstay of our services is centered on the operation of two continuously driven wind tunnels: the Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel Emmen (LWTE) and the Automotive Wind Tunnel Emmen (AWTE). Highest precision and efficient measuring process is our philosophy.

Through cooperation with universities, research institutes and industrial partners we aim to transfer findings of academic research to the aviation industry.

Thanks to the widespread competences in the fields of aerodynamics, development, instrumentation and system engineering, RUAG Aviation’s services are well received by the aviation and automotive industry.

TRL-Level (product) or performance record (service)
RUAGs Aerodynamic testing services are supporting the customer in their project development of transitioning from TRL 4 until TRL 7.
RUAGs Aerodynamics products have reached maturity level 9.

Several examples can be found in our Aerodynamics Newsletter:.

Our Offset offering
Support the OEM in the aerodynamic development of their future aircraft or

Target group

  • Aviation and automotive OEMs
  • Research establishments

Possible export market / scope / volume

Proposed form of partnership
Multiple forms are possible, starting with a classical client-supplier relationship up to a joint venture.

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)
Continuous / repeating activities in the field of developing and testing new aircraft
or ground vehicles

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)
Depends on the specific project 

ITAR relevant consideration