Meet Andreas


Employment Relations Specialist

Meet Andreas

Employment Relations Specialist

Division: Corporate Services

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Training: Master’s in Business Administration

I have been working for RUAG since: 10/2018

What brought me to RUAG?
After I graduated, I was given a tip by a relative when I was looking for a challenging part-time job that I could do alongside my sporting activities.

What I like particularly about my job:
The varying tasks, great colleagues and the opportunity to have flexible working hours.

My biggest highlight so far:
My involvement in the profiles for the Board of Directors and the Group HR Board in Wedel/Hamburg.

What it is about RUAG that fascinates me?
The different business areas and the change that RUAG is currently undergoing, with the unbundling and reorientation.

What does my typical working day look like?
Luckily there’s no such thing! I divide my time between my home office, in ever-changing assignments in Switzerland and at meetings abroad.

What development opportunities does RUAG offer?
At the moment, I’m still learning something new about my current job on an almost daily basis. However, I think RUAG will continue be able to offer me other, more senior positions in the future.

What makes RUAG an attractive employer for me?
It is visionary, respectful and critically self-reflecting. I believe that RUAG is undervalued as an employer.

“Let's exceed the expected" means to me:
Never being satisfied too soon, but rather going the extra mile together with internal and external stakeholders wherever possible.