Meet Tobias


Programme Manager

Meet Tobias

Programme Manager

Division: Aerostructures

Location: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

Education: Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E)

I have been working for RUAG since: 04/2015

What brought me to RUAG:
To be honest, it was rather by chance. When I was looking for a work-study position after completing my bachelor studies, I found out through a fellow university student that RUAG Aerostructures had an open position in Industrial Engineering. Thanks to her, I was quickly invited in for an interview, and, luckily enough, was employed immediately afterwards as a student worker. The focus of my studies from a theoretical standpoint was more on the development and distribution of software. In retrospect, however, starting here was perfect for me, and I wouldn’t trade in the experience and new insights I have gained here for a position at any other company or in any other sector.

What I like particularly about my job: 
The thing I enjoy most is that each day is varied and offers different challenges. As a project manager, on the one hand, I oversee a range of different projects in order to implement strategic targets and facilitate long-term development at our location; on the other hand, we have to react to operational incidents quickly and as a team in order to ensure that the required delivery quantities are sent out. It is also interesting to be working very closely with our clients, and finding the most effective way to meet their requirements. In this way, you get real insight into a broad range of departments and processes. 

My biggest highlight so far:
I can say for sure that it was an amazing experience to be able to finally qualify the plant in Hungary with Airbus after a great deal of back and forth. Despite a great deal of impediments on the way to achieving our goal, the team never gave up. Even when I was starting out in my career, this type of team spirit really made an impression on me. It was also an interesting challenge to give a talk on my Master's dissertation topic at a staff meeting in front of a large team, and to try to get all of the company employees to agree with my point of view. I would like to thank RUAG for giving me that opportunity.

What it is about RUAG that fascinates me:
Definitely the product range. It's very interesting to see how an aircraft is created and what structural components it is made up of. But also the space products and, above all, satellite technology are also a flagship of this company.

My typical work day:
I don’t have a typical work day, which is what is so great about it. Generally, though, I spend about 70% of the day in exciting meetings, and the remaining 20% on the phone, either with internal colleagues or clients. During the time I have to spare, I deal with any operational issues that may arise, which generally requires direct action. I also try to create some time for tasks that I can plan. The challenging and exciting areas for me lie in the business unit's dynamic way of operating and the many intersections it has with all the other company departments, and with our client, Airbus.
What development opportunities does RUAG offer:
For those that want them, there are many opportunities. The initiative must come from the employee, however, once you have started, you will receive the best possible support. This was the case for me too when I decided I wanted to advance both professionally and on a personal level after three years working as an industrial engineer. I was given the opportunity at this point to switch into the management programme. And in the management programme as well, I continue to receive the full support I need for my personal and professional development. For example, it was no problem for me to pursue studies as a working professional, and I was allowed to complete my final dissertation whilst at the company.

What for me makes RUAG an attractive employer:
It might be unusual to say it, but I find that the informal culture (using the informal 'du' pronoun in German) is certainly very representative of the company itself. Despite the considerable size of the company, its informal, and therefore highly personal atmosphere, is encouraged and supported. There are also many exciting challenges to face in the coming years, meaning that you can really participate actively in the development of the company, and bring your individual strengths to the fore. On the one hand, this involves taking on a lot of responsibility right from the start; on the other hand, you receive the trust you need to take it on. Additionally, in turn, payment on the basis of a collective agreement, flexible working hours, and the option to work from home are all attractive.

"Let's exceed the expected" means to me:
At RUAG, a great deal of importance is attached to team performance. Ultimately, great success is always the result of exceptional collaboration between different personalities within a team, not the performance of any one individual. This behaviour, and the attitude behind it, are not simply empty words, but really are actively experienced when working at RUAG. Nothing can make a person happier than having a strong team that provides you with the support you need when going through difficult times, and with whom you can celebrate when you are successful. 

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