RUAG is the official partner of SwissSkills 2018

From 12 to 16 September 2018, the central Swiss vocational education championships took place in Bern for the second time and RUAG was an official partner....

RUAG trainees triumph at SwissSkills

Ten RUAG employees make a strong showing in this year’s vocational skills championships, SwissSkills 2018, winning four medals overall: two gold, one silver and one bronze. This triumph qualifies RUAG to compete in the sixth successive iteration of the WorldSkills championships, this time with two entrants.

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Ten RUAG apprentices will compete at SwissSkills 2018

A total of ten RUAG apprentices qualified for SwissSkills 2018 competition, a fact with which RUAG is delighted.

SwissSkills 2018 Team
RUAG is proud of the achievements of its apprentices. Ten RUAG trainees from five different professions qualified for the SwissSkills 2018 and thus for the Swiss Professional Championships in 2018. RUAG wishes them every success.

RUAG offers attractive apprenticeship places and careers

Honing professional skills among young talents is given a very high priority at RUAG. At present, about 350 trainees are being trained in Switzerland in 15 vocations. That is equivalent to about 9 percent of RUAG's total headcount in Switzerland. For RUAG, vocational training and the associated promotion of talent is an important pillar for Switzerland as a business location.

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