Corporate Responsibility

For RUAG International, corporate responsibility has already long been a practical reality in many of its activities. In future, with the establishment of a Group-wide strategy, responsible behaviour will be enshrined at all levels and in all processes. In this way, RUAG International is deliberately expanding its economic, environmental and social responsibility to include the ethical dimension....

Ever since its foundation, RUAG International has fostered a sense of responsibility which extends beyond the company’s boundaries. Not least due to its owner, the Swiss state, it sees itself as having an integral role in society. And it firmly believes that it can only sustain its business success if that success is founded upon responsible behaviour. A range of corporate responsibility activities are thus already in place within the divisions and business units. Viewed across the Group as a whole, however, the situation has so far lacked consistency. Group-wide management is largely confined to individual themes which fall under the responsibility of the Corporate Services units, such as targeted promotion of employees or strict adherence to compliance rules. With the establishment of a comprehensive corporate responsibility strategy, RUAG International is now looking to systematically and consistently ensure that responsible behavior becomes deeply rooted in every part of the Group – from the divisions and subsidiaries to the business units and the individual processes.

Federal Council sets course

The basic direction is set by the Swiss Federal Council. In its position paper on “Corporate Social Responsibility”, the Council defines four strategic directions the federal government is pursuing with its activities: shaping framework conditions, raising awareness in and supporting Swiss businesses, promoting corporate social responsibility in developing and transition countries, and promoting transparency. The Council explicitly expects enterprises affiliated with the Confederation, such as RUAG International, to set a good example.

Economic, environmental, social and ethical

For RUAG International this means, among other things, that it is expanding the established definition of corporate responsibility, with its three key focus areas of economic, environmental and social responsibility. As a company affiliated with the Confederation which also provides military applications to international clients, the Group is additionally pledging to uphold a special ethical responsibility. Among other things, this includes a commitment to ensure that all exports of military applications comply with the Swiss export regime, the principles of Swiss foreign policy and the framework of international law, irrespective of where they are produced.

For more information about Corporate Responsibility please refer to our annual report.