RUAG Sponsoring

Are you looking for a sponsorship partner to support your project? We are delighted that you are considering RUAG. Please read the RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines beforehand, then apply online using this form....

RUAG is a company owned by the Swiss Confederation. Out of a sense of affinity and responsibility for a strong Switzerland, RUAG mainly supports not-for-profit Swiss projects, associations and institutions with a focus on vocational education and the fostering of talent. As a commercial enterprise, RUAG is obliged to make responsible and targeted use of a limited budget. Please therefore bear in mind that RUAG cannot support all requests.

What is RUAG able and unable to sponsor?

What and whom does RUAG support?

  • associations, institutions or organisations acceptable to society – particularly in Switzerland
  • projects that can be associated in their aims with the RUAG
    brand or with the RUAG themes of technology, aviation,
    space and research
  • projects that make sense for RUAG as a sponsorship partner and are beneficial in terms of communicating with the relevant RUAG target groups

What and whom does RUAG not support?

  • projects that are not in  accordance with the RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines
  • projects that do not have sufficient lead time to be implemented in a way that makes sense and made use of in terms of communications

Please note before you apply:

Check beforehand whether your request is in accordance with the RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines. RUAG will decide on an individual basis whether your request can be supported. Please note that even a complete dossier and the fulfilment of all criteria do not guarantee entitlement to sponsorship from RUAG.



How do you apply?

You can only apply online for sponsorship of your project. Please note the following points:

  • Please use only the online application form to apply. Enquiries by other means will not be processed.
  • All sponsorship requests made to RUAG must be in accordance with the RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines.
  • We will check all properly submitted requests carefully and endeavour to respond promptly.