RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines

Are you looking for a sponsoring partner who supports your project? We are glad that you are considering RUAG. Please inform yourself in advance about the RUAG Sponsoring Guidelines and then apply online using our form....

Your sponsorship request should fall into one of the sponsorship categories indicated and should also closely match the criteria indicated. Then we will be happy to take a look at your request.

1. RUAG sponsorship categories

Can you clearly assign your sponsorship request to one of these four categories?

  • vocational education and the fostering of talent
  • sport (RUAG does not sponsor individual sportspersons)
  • social and educational objectives
  • institutional events

2. Reference to RUAG / our products and services

Your project is related to RUAG's products or services as an industrial and technology company and offers a memorable experience.

3. Support for the RUAG brand visibility and range

Your project enables RUAG to achieve broad visibility with the people of Switzerland.

4. Strengthening the reputation of RUAG in Switzerland

Your project promotes RUAG’s reputation as an industrial and technology company in Switzerland. Your project can help RUAG to underline RUAG’s relevance for Switzerland among the population with broad effect.

5. Economic benefits

Your project supports business objectives of RUAG in the form of additional sales, additional income and a positive effect on the company or an increase in RUAG’s profitability.

6. A strong role for RUAG

RUAG requires a strong role in a partnership with you. RUAG will act as a secondary partner only in exceptional cases.

7. No support

for activities that offend moral, religious, political and ethical sensibilities or groups and that are not in accordance with the RUAG compliance guidelines.

8. Sponsorship request only online

We are happy to receive enquiries about sponsorship or partnerships provided they are sent using the online form. Requests for collaboration that are made by e-mail, by post or by telephone will not be considered.

Please note that these Guidelines give priority to specific areas of support and exclude others. Should your project meet our Guidelines, then we will be happy to look into your request to ascertain whether there is the potential for collaboration.

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