Constructive Simulation

Our Constructive software RUAG Osprey covers the full range of Command Post Training needs while focusing on flexibility, accuracy and usability. The system immerses command post staff in extensive and complex conflicts spread over 1'000s of km2 and places up to 10’000 units at the trainee’s command....

Flexibility and Customization
RUAG OSPREY is completely customizable to suit any military doctrine. Specifics such as the performance of each weapon system, how much information is relayed back to the trainee and the composition of each unit can all be individually defined. The system is based on the software behind the SWORD solution from MASA Group meaning it is commercial of the shelf (COTS) and comes complete with a wide range of units and scenarios ready to train with and customize.

Using RUAG OSPREY’s Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI-Engine) the simulated forces are intelligent and autonomous, even able to realistically adapt their reactions as situations unfold. This provides the trainees with a highly accurate training experience.

The system’s easy to understand GUI lets trainees quickly become experts and contributes to the immersive and effective nature of the training. The system can be deployed in a range of ways to best suit the user. It succeeds in large scale staff training centres, self-training and can also run on laptops. The system supports standards like DIS, HLA or BML allows the integration and interconnection of Command and Control (C2) Systems.