Electrical Harness

The department offers design, production, testing and potential integration of electrical harnesses for military and civil aviation as well as Space applications....

Center: Center Products (RSP)
Center activities: Electrical Harness production
Center competences: Design, Production and Testing
We are interested in cooperation with partners active in the following fields: 

Aircraft OEM

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Proposal Information

Introduction of product or service
Design, production, testing, and potential integration of electrical harnesses for Military and Civil Aviation as well as Space applications.

TRL-Level (product) or performance record (service)
Running production contracts for complete aircraft upgrades (Swiss AF TH98), parts production for RUAG Space and RUAG Aerostructures.

Our Offset offering
Production of electrical harnesses, and Solution Provider for harness design and production. Built-to-Spec and Built-to-Print services.

Target group
Aircraft OEMs 

Possible export market / scope / volume
Global, TBD

Proposed form of partnership
Partner or prime/sub for system initial production, modification and upgrades

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)

ITAR relevant consideration
Situation for specific US contracts may be considered separately.